Dec 13, 2018
2 mins read

If you leave a can of soda pop in Thailand for a mere half of an hour by returning you'll find a caravan of ants stealing it. I have no idea how they manage to find sweets so fast, but they exceptionally good at that. No matter where you leave the treat, they will find it.

The knee-jerk reaction is to start a fight against them, but then you quickly realize how powerless you despite your size. How can you fight ants? You can start killing them one by one but how long you can keep up? A colony could contain hundreds of thousands of little bastards, so apart from a short feeling of satisfaction from the revenge, you'll get nowhere this way. You can get a killing spray and start exterminating them in packs, but this is also pointless. After you retire they will get to your chocolate anyway, they always do.

Sometimes you can see an ant expedition going through your apartment to your neighbor that forgot something yummy. Sometimes they chose to go through clothesline where you dry your towel but you realize that only when the cruel motherfuckers start biting you while you try to wipe off. Oh man, this sucks peculiarly.

One time I saw an ant colony moving into a new place. It was an endless flow of ants carrying their eggs and food going somewhere to my neighbor's house. Better my neighbor than me I thought. I messed with them a little, by spilling water on their way and screaming on them. They always panic for a while when something unusual happening (like a huge screaming head) but then calm down and continue to mind their business. It quickly became boring so I left and when I returned they were gone celebrating housewarming I suppose.

Eventually, you get used to omnipresent ants and start to be mindful where you leave your stuff. You could even begin to appreciate them when they clean crumbs from table and floors. If you see a dead inspect, why bother? Ants will come and dissect the poor thing away.

Ants are a part of nature so like the weather they just happen, and you can do nothing about it but make peace.

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