In the beginning, nomad life feels like a drug. You get new experiences all the time without the need to waiting the whole year for it. You do your thing and then go out, and voila, you're on vacation. Just like any drug with the time your brain build up the tolerance.

The very first Buddhist temple, a waterfall or scenic waterfront view gives you a fantastic feeling of discovery. You enjoy every moment of it, no matter how far you had to drive. No matter how hot is it outside.

After a while, you don't go to any temple. You only go to the temple of temples. The biggest, the most famous and better if it's next to a waterfall, sea or ocean or all together. You become picky.

In the end, you don't care about the attractions. Temples, mosques, towers, lighthouses, waterfalls, monuments, you name it. You saw it all. Finding something new is tough.

From time to time, to kill time you go to see a popular place, but when you're there, you don't feel anything. Once you got the imaginary check, you go back to your thing whatever it is. It must be something outstanding to touch you. The standards became sky high.

I call it the nomad's curse.

I don't think there's something you can do about it and it's okay. Even after visiting 39 countries, I still enjoy living in travel. I rarely go to attractions, but when I do, I make sure it's worth it. Yes, I'm rarely impressed, but I do become amazed from time to time. It still takes my breath when I look at the land from the top of a mountain. It always fills me with joy to be in the ocean during sunrise. There are eternal things, but usually, they are too simple to be printed in a guide.

When cinematograph just became a thing, people were content seeing a train coming to a station. Nowadays, a movie must have a decent script, acting, and picture otherwise people won't go to see it.

The same with travel, when you travel enough, you lose your pink glasses, and suddenly mediocre things become mediocre.

Maybe it's not a curse, but a cure.

Please, share your opinion in the comments.

It can be a cure from a kind of greed because of the lack of travelling before. The same happens when you didn't have money and start working for the first time. You spend all your money, but after a while you become picky.