Tourists are an attractive target for criminals. I have a friend that got robbed in the first month in Thailand. He lost two laptops and hard drives with backups. Thankfully nothing such serious ever happened to me, but I'd occasionally lose some stuff.

For the first time, I got pickpocketed on the border between Cambodia and Thailand while I was filling an immigration form. The place was so crowded that I didn't even notice that I lost my wallet until I crossed the border and was about to pay for a bottle of water.

After that, I became very cautious with my wallets, and when I got pickpocketed in a club in Bulgaria, I immediately noticed and managed to get my wallet back.

I lost three pairs of sunglasses: two in Bali, Indonesia and one in Somo, Spain. I naively thought that Europe is a safe place, so I left glasses on the beach next to my flip-flops while I was surfing. I'm especially salty about those because it's hard to find fitting sunglasses.

Once, a burglar got into our Bali house and stole $40 leaving two laptops behind. We didn't notice that for hours until I went to close windows at night and realized that one is broken. It turned out that the house has CCTV, so the poor bastard got caught at the very next day.

A week ago I lost my helmet in Sri Lanka. As usual, I left it on a motorbike handle when I went to a grocery shop and couldn't find it when I returned. I pushed the shop manager to show me the CCTV record. I didn't have a hope to return it and did it out of curiosity.

At this weekend while we were shopping in the store, the manager came to me and gave my helmet back. They found the guy who stole it. I was amazed as I didn't think a have a slight chance to see it again.

Miracles happen!

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creepy af! but the last story is nice, miracles happen indeed :)